A final note before you begin the application...

This year we are trying to simplify and smooth the process of gathering information between the participant coordinators and you, the LIB participants. To help in this process, the beginning of the form is a generalized set of questions for all participants, regardless of their project type. For this reason, there may be a few labels that don't exactly match your project, so please bear with us! =)

In your case please note the following:

  1. For the 'Artist Name' field, please enter your 'Booth Name'
  2. Please ignore the 'role' field
  3. When uploading a Press Photo (a booth photo or logo), square photos of at least 400 pixels x 400 pixels are best. Rectangular photos will have to be cropped and could cause issues when appearing on our website.
  4. For the 'Biog' section, please enter your 'Booth Description' in 150 words or less

Ok, that should do it, let's do this!

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