Volunteer Agreement

As a Lightning in a Bottle Volunteer, you are a part of the LIB team. We hope and expect that all Volunteers actively understand and uphold the core Lightning in a Bottle(LIB) commitments and values. LIB's core values are relatively simple: respectful community, sustainable living, and fun. In general, your intentions and actions at the festival (both on shift and off) should always be aligned with expressing and encouraging these values in everything you do. More specifically, we ask that you uphold these values through the following agreements:

1. Attend the Volunteer orientation meet-up at the festival.
We will have 2 meet-ups: one on Wednesday night, (5/23/12) and the other on Thursday night (5/24/11) for everyone to meet members of the LIB staff and to receive a personalized introduction to your LIB volunteer experience and responsibilities. All volunteers are required to attend one of the meet-ups. (if you cannot arrive at the festival on Wednesday or Thursday for the meet-up, you should not apply to volunteer!) I AGREE  
2. Represent the entire LIB team positively by arriving for all shifts on time, sober, excited, and energetic!
3. Actively participate in LIB as a Green Guide.
  All volunteers will receive a green guide outlining LIB's green initiatives. Many of these initiatives work on the individual level, requiring all of us to be conscious of our impact by sorting our trash, reducing waste at the festival, and reducing our carbon impact. As a volunteer you will help us educate all attendees by understanding the trash policies and encouraging everyone to contribute to LIB's sustainable and healthy relationship with the festival site and the environment. I AGREE  
4. Treat all festival participants with respect and a positive attitude.

Further legal agreement details:

I hereby authorize The Do LaB to conduct an investigation regarding information supplied on the application. I understand that any false or misleading information furnished by me on this application will result in rejection of said application, or if in the case of being accepted, immediate dismissal. I also authorize The Do LaB to conduct a background investigation to determine prior arrests and/or convictions of any crimes. I hereby state that I am eighteen years of age or older and that I am aware that: The failure to arrive at my designated post on time, failure to complete the duties assigned to me, the intake/consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs and/or possession of any type of weapons, or the supplying of any false or misleading information on this application will result in my immediate dismissal and the forfeiture of my pass and my deposit. I expressly understand and agree that neither The Do LaB nor any of its officers, agents, volunteers, assistants, or employees shall be held responsible or made subject, to any claim seeking to assess damages of liability for or arising from personal injury or property damage or loss of any sort, to myself or any other person on whose behalf this agreement is now signed as a result of actual or proposed participation in the Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Volunteer Program. I also hereby agree to indemnify The Do LaB, its officers, agents, volunteers, assistants, or employees harmless on account of any such claims. I hereby understand that if I am accepted as a volunteer and become unable to participate, the final day to notify The Do LaB and cancel my deposit is May 7, 2012. I hereby understand that volunteer acceptance is personal, and that if I am unable to participate I forfeit my position, which cannot be filled by one of my friends or relatives. Insurance: By virtue of state law, I understand I am waiving any workmen's compensation coverage as I am a volunteer. By virtue of my clicking the link below, I hereby submit my application, and hereby state that all information is true; and further, that I have read and understood all conditions stated in this application. I HAVE READ AND AGREE WITH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS